In the world of cryptography, many project owners and developers want to remain anonymous. This happens for various reasons, and quite often it is a wake-up call for investors. Our RD2 agency can solve this issue and create a synthetic CEO or Ambassador for you.

Now you don't have to hide behind a screen. By creating an artificial SEO (digital persona), you can be a public person, which will win the trust of your community and investors much faster. This will show how open and willing you are to work face-to-face with your trusted collaborator.

What exactly can we do:

  • Creation of a digital image of a person (the ideal image that you would like to see as a representative of your token);
  • Creation of a voice or modification of your real one (for example, video or voice presentations on social networks, commercials);
  • Ability to broadcast in different languages, even if you do not know them (multilingual speech synthesis will greatly expand the audience in different countries, such as China);
  • Create professional high-quality video presentations;
  • Short videos for social media;

It is up to you to decide what exactly represents your project and how you see it, and what service will fit perfectly into your idea and meaning, and our task is to translate ideas into ready-made actions.

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