Getting to Binance is the dream of every crypto project owner! Once on Binance, this means that your token has passed all possible qualifying stages and checks that the coin is trusted, and most importantly, viable and ready for independent existence and competition in the global market with the right to be called a High-quality product. This is the main achievement and the crypto owner's pride.

While everyone is dreaming, the RD2 team will help you list your token on the most sought-after and dominant cryptocurrency exchange, Binance.

Placing a token on Binance is a huge plus for your project and its promotion. To date, Binance is the leader in terms of traffic, liquidity and trading volume relative to other exchanges. Binance's biggest advantages are low fees and an easy to use buy/sell option for beginners, while more advanced traders can take advantage of the in-depth "basic" and "advanced" trading platforms. This is why Binance has a wide user base.

The RD2 team has been working closely together for many years and listing new altcoins on Binance. We prepare all the necessary documents and information for the stage of consideration of permission to enter the Binance market and listing with a professional approach.

We offer:

  • Direct communication and arrangement with Binance;
  • Planning a step-by-step implementation to meet all the exchange requirements;
  • Providing Legal Support;
  • Preparation of necessary Documents;
  • Your coin listing.

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