RD2 can easily help to make an annotation of your crypto or NFT project using White Paper Creation. Who doesn't know? In a few words, this is an official document. You can say "guide to action", i.e., the official report of your project, which lists in detail all the important aspects. The crypto world is a limited resource. Such a marketing tool gives a clear idea of what your newly mature token product is like. Such transparency shows how open a new asset is to its partners and investors, which allows you to earn the honorable trust of the target audience. This is the starting point from which investors are repelled.

Remember that even Satoshi Nakamoto did not hesitate, and developed an official White Paper document to support his bitcoin project. And for you, this procedure will be the only benefit.

The RD2 team will create a detailed script for your crypto or NFT project from the origin of the idea to launch on the market. We flesh out your goals and investment scheme, including the perfect technical plan in simple language.

What will be inside:

  • Project Outline
  • Detailed Technical Description
  • Roadmap
  • A Detailed Description Regarding Token Release and Marketplace Consideration
  • Team Overview

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